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How many sessions will I/we need?

We wish there was a straightforward answer to this. There are just so many factors to consider, such as: What sort of life have you had before coming to therapy? Why are you deciding now to come to therapy? How long has the problem been in the making? How have you coped with the problem up until now? How have your ways of coping compromised your deeper sense of  well-being? What are your goals or hopes for therapy? How will we know when they have been met? (So many questions!) Most of these questions cannot be answered right away; we typically find the answers collaboratively and have a shared sense of when you're ready to wrap up your work, which we discuss together. It's important to add: we are very interested in seeing all of our clients move on with their lives and be the very best version of themselves in the world, so we are just as motivated as you may be to get to the root of whatever issues you might be facing and find helpful, long-term solutions.

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